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Liposuction in Houston, TX

Including Vaser Lipo, Ultrasound Lipo & Smart Lipo

The Skin Renewal Center is pleased to offer in-office, minimally-invasive Vaser liposuction, which is a type of ultrasound lipo treatment intended for body contouring and removing lingering pockets of fat without damaging other body tissue. These procedures are superior to traditional smart lipo & laser lipo procedures in that they are much safer and more effective. These treatments also allow for the harvesting of body fat for reimplantation into other parts of the body. The Skin Renewal Center understands that liposuction costs might be too much for many prospective patients to bear, which is why it is pleased to offer some of the best liposuction prices in Houston.

Alternatives to Smart Lipo & Laser Lipo in Houston, TX

If you’ve considered undergoing smart lipo or laser lipo, make sure to consult with the professionals at The Skin Renewal Center. Our positive approach and highly trained staff have the expertise to help you make the right choice. Regardless of what type of liposuction you’re looking to undergo, you’ll be in the best of hands.

The Skin Renewal Center provides you with many liposuction options to fit your needs.

Liposuction Houston, TX